New Matte Stephens art…

New Matte Stephens art…


Matte Stephens has done it again with his gorgeous new artwork, ‘Princess Theatre Melbourne’. With a fabulous ’50’s vibe, this artwork gives a feeling of melancholy Melbourne on a winter’s day.

You can purchase a framed “mini retro” of this fabulous piece for AU$195 from Outre Gallery either online or at one of their stores in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth.


Excuse us for changing in front of you…

Yes, we’ve changed our name! No longer Vintage Stitch & Type… Now ‘Mrs Jones Vintage’!

We’ll still be bringing you the best vintage goodness from the interweb and the real world – with a special focus on Melbourne – and crafty goodness, the majority of it with a special vintage twist to inspire you!

Love Mrs Jones x

Getting Crafty…

Getting Crafty…

It’s miserable weather here in Melbourne and seems that it will be for the rest of the weekend. So… why don’t you get crafty and cheer up your place at the same time?

Head on over to Stampington and check out the tutorial for Faux Flowers by their guest artist, Matt Farci. They look great!

Faux Flowers
Faux Flowers

Where have I been?


Friends, it’s been a long, long time since I posted ANYTHING… True, but I think I’ve had a very, very good reason!

Two weeks ago I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl! Unfortunately, I had a complicated and rather awful pregnancy, which resulted in me being on medication for hyperemesis (severe, all-day morning sickness) so I could do my best to function on a somewhat normal level; along with a host of complications that made nearly anything but being in bed or snuggled on the couch impossible!

But, here I am again, thankfully feeling great again, and with a wonderful payoff, little Edie!

So, it’s back-to-regular posting for me, as well as some other surprises coming up as the year closes and moves into 2014!

It’s wonderful to be back and I can’t wait to share all of the goodies I’m finding to share with you, lovely bits and bobs I’m making and all manner of fun and exciting things to inspire!

Beck x