Do yourself a favour this Christmas and get your kids gifts over at Macaroon Kids! They have a delightful online store as well as an Etsy store that showcases their limited edition ranges of baby and kids clothing, toys and gifts!

Founded by Amanda Tuckerman, from Geelong, Australia, the stores are both filled with gorgeous vintage-style as well as ‘slow’ and creative toys for kids and their clothing is made using upcycled fabrics. Products not made by Macaroon are all sourced from small businesses or have elements created with fair trade companies with every step of Macaroon Kids being created ethically with both person and environment in mind.

Honestly, could you ask for more this Christmas – or frankly, at any time? I just love their style and their range and have added a number of their products to my lists for little Edie this year – with my number one favourite being the Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks! They’re truly beautiful and although she’s still a little bit little for them, she’ll be playing with them in no time!