This blog is not political. I don’t even really share my opinions on the stuff of everyday life. I concentrate on vintage goodness and crafty love so that I can share a little of this calm with the world. But there are times when I must interject and speak up and this is one of them. The main reason I’m doing this is because of my children, the children I care for and the kids of Australia who don’t have a voice of their own that politicians will hear.

Friends, whether or not you’re Australian, you would understand that FREE television (Australia’s ABC – no commercials) is the right of all people in a society as fortunate and wealthy as ours: television that doesn’t target children with the commercial interests of companies who want them to become consumers before they can walk and talk… television that doesn’t advertise food that will lead them into a life of early diabetes, being overweight and myriad health issues in their future… television that educates and inspires them…

Our current – and new – government has decided that they want to cut funding to our ABC… EVERY, single time the Liberal government is voted in, this is on their agenda. Every single time the people rise up and stop them. Well friends, it’s time – again – to get out and fight. And fight we will…

PLEASE go to here and sign this petition to start the fight against the Liberal party trying to commercialise  the ONLY television station that Australia has left with objective (yes, it is left-focused a lot of the time, but they do a pretty fair job of being unbiased), educational, non-commercial and kid-focused programming.

Thank you so much.