Aussie Breakfast


Babyness has started eating, and we tried good old Aussie Weetbix after she turned up her nose at rice cereal for which I cannot blame her!

We celebrated the Australia Day holiday yesterday by doing nothing at all – which I belief is a great Australian tradition that many of us start early and continue throughout our lifetime – followed by BBQ cow on buns, with sides of salad and my delicious berries and cream for dessert (the recipe below).

This little girl is the reason my posts have been short, or non-existent of late! But I promise I’ll get on top of things again soon and continue to share lots of vintage goodness. Meanwhile I’m doing my best to be a good mama to Babyness and DJ and an awesome and efficient wife and partner to Mr Jones! Unfortunately, although I can do anything, I’ve learned that I cannot do everything – I’ve chosen to let the blog slide rather than my little family and other important things in my little universe!

Hope you had a wonderful Australia Day and celebrated in true Aussie style!

Mrs Jones Delicious Berries

2 x punnets strawberries
1 x punnet blackberries
3tbsp good quality Balsamic vinegar
1tbsp vanilla bean extract
Double cream for serving

Tidy up your strawberries. Pop them into your serving bowl along with the blackberries.

Add balsamic and vanilla and set aside on the bench, covered, for up to 2 hours. Gently stir occasionally to ensure berries are covered in balsamic vanilla goodness.

Serve at the table with some delicious double cream, or even ice cream for those with a sweet tooth!

Enjoy! Love Mrs Jones x