On Being Thankful…

On Being Thankful…

I’m SO very much enjoying being a Mama second-time around! Not that I didn’t enjoy it with the boy in any way, I loved it! He honestly made me realise my own strength, ability to love and gave me insight and patience I never knew existed – not to mention showed me how it felt to have a piece of your heart walking around outside in the big ol’ world without protection! Scary, exhilarating and awesome…

Sadly, however, his early months coincided a very stressful marriage breakdown (aren’t they all) that involved alcohol abuse, threats and a great deal of fear and instability which resulted in a sudden lack of home for us. After having to move back in with my parents and start my ‘grown-up’ life all over again from scratch with not much more than our clothing and a car, meant I couldn’t relax and enjoy my sons early years. Money worries, concerns about his safety and our future meant that I could only concentrate on ensuring he was happy, safe and blossoming and I didn’t have time to actually ‘be’ in the moments of being a Mama for me.

This time, however, I have been gifted with the most blessed and happy marriage to a wonderful husband and father to both of my children, making this time around just wonderful. I am truly thankful for this truly amazing gift… a family of my own that is full of laughter, love and fun (don’t worry, we have crappy days too!). My own little family, my extended family, my wider church family and my friends truly make my days just awesome!

How about you? Are you able to enjoy the time you’ve got with your kids at the moment, or is there too much else on your plate? I’d love to hear where you’re at and how you find the headspace to enjoy your kids…

Love Mrs Jones x


Going grey… And I’m not talking 50 shades…

Going grey… And I’m not talking 50 shades…

So… What does a 40-something, mid-century loving woman do when one day she wakes up and decides she simply cannot be bothered ever again to colour her hair?

Well if you still have lovely, natural hair there probably isn’t anything much to it. But what if you’ve been greyish since your mid-twenties and covered it because, well nobody wants to feel that old when you’re that young!

Now, I don’t dress like a matron and I’ve always felt grey hair would make make me feel like one… But friends, I gotta be honest, I’m lazy – well, I’m not really lazy on the whole, but I’ve never been a girl who spends hours perfecting her hair or makeup, it’s just never interested me.

So, what’s a girl to do? Going grey – especially at my age – is VERY counter-cultural, but that’s usually the way I roll, so that part isn’t worrying me. What’s bothering me is how I’ll perceive myself… Will I feel ugly? Old? Boring? Uninspired? Perhaps like I’ve given up on feeling attractive?

I can always go back and dye again, but going to your natural colour when you’re mainly grey isn’t a quick process, believe me… And I don’t want to cut my hair again – it’s taken me long enough to get back to shoulder length.

I’m pretty sure I can stick to it and have the discipline to do it, but can I be strong enough mentally to face the challenge of other peoples perceptions? Well, I’ll take you on this journey with me – photos included – and you can see for yourself!

I’ve checked out a few blogs of some pretty gorgeous, younger women like me who have or are doing this and frankly, they’ve really inspired me. Check out ‘How Bourgeois’ for a gorgeous gal who is much further along in her journey and inspired me heaps to bite the bullet.

Have a great day and keep smiling!

Mrs Jones x


Photostrips from Social Print Studio…

Photostrips from Social Print Studio…

Ooh my fave photo printers, Social Print Studio, have done it again with their new photo strips!

I ordered a heap of mini photos when Edith was born to send as thank you’s and they were a huge hit with everyone. But this new product is even more delish! Vintage, photostrip goodness indeed!

I think I shall order a batch to work with for her 1st birthday invitations! Go on, just try and stop me!

You can download their app, pick your fave Instagram pictures and you’re on your way – it’s seriously quick, easy and super simple – only problem is stopping at one (okay, three) sets because they’re just darling.


Happy Love Day…

Happy Love Day…

Depending on where you’re at in your life, Valentine’s Day holds a lot of power. Expectation, the bringer of unhappiness, is what does it.

Think about it… Expectations of how your day should be and how you should be treated/surprised/spoiled… If you put them out there most of the time expectations will reward you with feelings of worry, negativity, and negative comparison.

Expect nothing. Yep, seriously, don’t expect anything and everything will be a bonus. Yes, it may sound trite, but if you think about it, it’s true. So this Valentine’s Day turn your expectations around 180 degrees and give some love to those around you instead. Make somebody else’s day this year.

Use this day not to buy into the schtick the marketers of chocolate, flowers, tacky underwear and wrapping paper want from you, but to open your eyes and take a look around at those in your life that you love.

Appreciate the people in your life, even those that are difficult. The more difficult the person, generally the more they need love from you.
Good, bad or complicated; each relationship will grow you better, if you let it.
Life is about relationship – family, friends, partners, workmates, bus drivers – we are all in this together so you might as well make it as pleasant as possible.
Love for those around you makes your life richer… Truly, it does.

Go on, give ’em a little extra love today. All of those people in your life.

A smile, a hug or a kind word never go astray. You never know who might desperately need it and frankly doing good stuff for other people has the bonus of making them and you feel good… And you don’t have to buy into the mass commercialism of VDay to do it.

So whether your love is here or there, or perhaps your love is more about a place, people on a bigger scale or something much bigger than the commercials would have you believe, I heartily wish you love and hope you share it around today!

Enjoy, Mrs Jones x


Some Lovely Words for Your Beloved…

Some Lovely Words for Your Beloved…

Stuck thinking of something special to get your mate? Perhaps you’ve left your run too late and now you’re starting to get a little hot under the collar thinking perhaps you should have purchased earlier?

Never fear dear reader, a solution is close at hand…

Pop into your closest art supply shop and purchase some heavy, good quality, archival paper plus a few ink pens or something else you’ll be handy at writing with and get writing…

Here are a few others prepared earlier than you for inspiration! Oh, and next year perhaps you can order one of these earlier and save yourself the stress!

Love, Mrs Jones x





Pride & Prejudice Quote by heytheredesign on Etsy.com
I Love You Much, E.E.Cummings Quote by PrintRevolution on Etsy.com
Personalized Share Love Print from Shoppe by Scoutmob
Everywhere and Back Archival Print by lovelysweetwilliam on Etsy.com

Style Your Valentine’s Table and Wow Your Honey…

Style Your Valentine’s Table and Wow Your Honey…

If you’ve decided on a quiet night in, or perhaps you’re hosting your very own Valentine’s SoirĂ©e take a look at these food styling ideas that are bound to leave an impression!

No need to stick with red, white or pink – mix things up with warm tones of gold and peach or go cool with silver and pale rose for something just as romantic but with tonnes of flair!

Check out heaps of other table and food styling images and links to party design information on my Party Goodness | Food Styling and Table Setting Board on Pinterest!














Some Vintage Valentine’s Fun!

Some Vintage Valentine’s Fun!

Here are some adorable vintage Valentine’s that are sure to inspire you to find an even cornier line for your beloved… It’s amazing just how innocent and sweet courting somebody you fancied used to be… A much easier and more simple time.


If you’d like more vintage illustrations to inspire your mid-century obsession, head on over to my Vintage Goodness | Illustrations Board on Pinterest for many more cute and kitschy pictures just like these!

Love Mrs Jones x













Valentine’s Craft Inspiration…

Valentine’s Craft Inspiration…

Hello friends!

If you’re feeling a little crafty this weekend I’ve collected some photographic inspiration to get your Valentine’s project started.

If you want instructions or more inspiration, head on over to my Pinterest Crafty Goodness | Valentine’s Board for heaps more.

Have a lovely Love Day.

Love Mrs Jones x













Warming up again…

Warming up again…


Well friends, down here in the Southern Hemisphere it’s warming up again! On the higher side of the mid 30’s today and back into the 40’s tomorrow…

Do you like the sun and the beach or are you on the paler side and prefer to stay indoors when it gets like this? If you are a beach babe (or gentleman with a tan!) what stylish ensembles do you prefer on these days? How do you keep cool and keep your vintage vibe?

I gotta say trying to keep a Bette fringe in this heat is a nightmare!

Keep cool. Stay hydrated. Keep it classy kids!

Love, Mrs Jones x

Valentines Cake Inspiration…












You don’t have to even bake it from scratch…
Just buy a cake, or a packet mix…
And get inspired!

Make, craft or create some amazing non-edible decorations, or put your time to good use by getting handy with some buttercream frosting, red food dye, a piping bag and some edible glitter and you will forever inspire your Sweetheart!

Love, Mrs Jones x