Sublime Stitching…

Just in case you’ve never heard of Jenny Hart and her awesome company, I shall share…

Sublime Stitching


Her designs have rocked my world for quite some years now and I thought they should do the same for you!

Love Mrs Jones x

Make for Your Man… How to make a bow tie

Love it xx

The Sewing Sessions


Lots of people don’t believe in Valentines day and the way it has become so commercial, but I think if there is an excuse to tell someone you love them… why not take it!?

Bow Tie

So, just ditch the commercial bit and make something for your man this valentines. Handmade gifts are so thoughtful and he will love it… and look great in it too!



Fabric – if you use a thicker fabric your bow tie will be more plump! I have used a blue/grey linen for this example and I am really pleased with the results.

I got my linen from Fabworks in Dewsbury and the floral above from B&M Fabrics in Leeds Market.


Cut pieces of fabric:
1 x Bow Tie: 12.5cm x 37.5cm
1 x Knot: 9cm x 7.5cm
2 x Band = 54cm x 4cm (Cut this piece to a point at one…

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Gift ball…

Gift ball…

I’ve seen these gorgeous gift balls to make for kids and thought I’d give a more grown up one a go for a friends birthday today! Here is the end result… Tutorial to come!