My latest Etsy purchase…

My latest Etsy purchase…


I’ve gone knitting and crochet crazy lately but I’m finding that when I’m out and about and wanting to pass the time in a crafty way I’ve been unable to find a cool, handy, perfect-size bag to transport my current project. Not surprising really that the major chains don’t stock anything like this. So what’s a girl to do?

Get online and log into Etsy, that’s what you do! So, after taking a little look around I came upon a wonderful little shop run by the lovely Ms Vicki, called That Clever Clementine. Ooh, it’s just filled with bags for all kinds of things and she also works in some super-cute vintage style fabrics too!

I happened to find myself the most perfect little bag, wich is called the ‘Zipper Wristlet Bag‘ and it holds just enough yarn, plus needles or crochet hook and scissors for some on the go craftiness.


The reason that I’m writing a post about this lovely little shop, and Ms Vicki in particular, is that I was so thrilled with the quality and workmanship of this little bag! Seriously, friends, you really do get so used to mass-produced crap that when you take the time to find the perfect item that works exactly how you want it to, it really is an eye-opener about just how much work our small, handmade, creators put into their craft.


I sell and make stuff myself, but probably because the work is mine, I just don’t think of it as being super special (you know how it is when you make something, all you see is how much better you could do it next time around?!). So I just wanted to remind you all that it truly is worth the time to source what you can from the makers out there, online and at markets, who just love what they make and put in the extra effort into their craft. Trust me, you’ll get a secret little thrill every time you use/wear/consume your purchase, plus you’re supporting the most awesome people – crafters and makers, who are generally looking after our world, taking out only as little as possible but giving back in so much bigger ways.

So thank you Ms Vicki, you really did make my day!

Love Mrs Jones x


Still going grey…

Still going grey…


So, yep, still doing the gray thing. It’s actually not as tough as I’d first thought and battled through with the first inch of ‘real’ hair. I’m now rocking about 2.5 inches of my natural hair, which is dark brown in dispersed with a rather large amount of gray – I’d say about 60% or so.

What I’m finding interesting is the reaction from people who I’ve talked to about it. My son, in particular, was so funny! He asked me why I hadn’t been dying my hair and why it was white near my temples, I explained the whole ‘real me’, ‘sick of dying’, ‘think I can rock it’ explanation I’ve been giving people and all he could do was giggle and run away in between looking very closely at it! He just thought it was so amazing that his own mothers real hair was white underneath. It really shook him on an amusing level for a good 15 minutes! Once he’d worked through it (yeah, he processes stuff quickly, like me!!) he got serious and said he actually really liked it and thought it was good that I wasn’t going to dye it any longer.

Some of the kids I teach at Sunday School were discussing how Abraham must have been about 40 because the picture of him we looked at showed his white hair. I had a good laugh with them and told them I was actually 42 in a few months and showed them the underneath of my fringe (fair amount of white like Mortica from the Addams Family!) and that Abraham was meant to be about 97 in the picture! Explained that people could get grey hair at different times, but yes, it was a good way to show that somebody was old. Some of the boys(10 and 11 year olds) were surprised and said their mums dyed their hair and why would I stop? One of the girls (10-year-old), who is a family friend, was absolutely gobsmacked that I’d do such a thing! She just kept staring and asking me how I had the guts to do it!

I’m finding it really interesting that some people have no second thoughts about it, but others are really shaken about it! Loving it – having always been somebody who has always dressed differently, had hundreds of different hairstyles and colours and isn’t exactly mainstream with my ink and vintage style, this is a really interesting experiment in psychology!

Keep you posted!

Love Mrs Jones x

Ooh, forgot to mention – I’m beginning my Winter Warmers (knitted infinity scarf) and Gorgeous Garlands (vintage-style bunting) workshops in about a month; so keep watching this space as I’ll be running them locally and a little further afield! Further details to come.

Printstagram’s newest stuff…

Printstagram’s newest stuff…


I’ve posted before of my love of Printstagram (no they don’t sponsor me or give me cash to post this stuff – I just love ’em!) and this post will be no less loving! Two great new products have just been released and I’m here to share them with you.



First are the new Printstagram Buttons! Yay! Here’s their blurb… “Now you can create fun and unique buttons from any of your Instagram photos. We professionally print your images then stamp them by hand on cute metal buttons that you can pin anywhere you want; tote bags, backpacks, dog collars, Berets, denim vests, the dream of the 90s is alive in buttons!”



Second up is the new PhotoBook, which looks just lovely! And again, rather than recreating the wheel, here’s the blurb… “Display your favorite Instagram photos in the Printstagram Photobook. Choose between two beautiful designed layouts. 38 pages of thick paper with a glossy finish, bound in hardback with a fully-customizable cover. You can even include the original captions if you like. #finally”

So there it is. Perfect prints, books, buttons and they also have a fair offering of other bespoke, beautifully made products. If you try out their Instagram printing, you’ll get a choice of four sizes and they’re printed on gorgeous, thick archival paper and come to you all satiny and special! Seriously, give them a go – I won’t get my Instagram prints done anywhere else now. Love ’em!

Love Mrs Jones x

How Pinteresting…

How Pinteresting…


Just in case you’ve never heard of it before,I honesty feel it’s my duty to share Pinterest with you… Perhaps you have heard of Pinterest and you’ve just thought, “oh my goodness, not another bloody social media site! I ain’t got time for that (you’ll see that meme all over Pinterest, btw!)”.

My friend, I’m here to change your mind and explain the Pinterest phenomenon to you! On the other hand, if this is all new to you and you’re getting very confused and thinking, “what IS Pinterest?” and “why are people talking about Pinning stuff all the time, I feel so alone…” I shall take you on a short journey explaining all!

Relax. Take my hand and off we go…


What is it?

Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organising the things you love (this is straight from the Pinterest website!). Basically, Pinterest is like an electronic pin board, mood board or one of those inspiration books that you used to put all your magazine cuttings of kitchen and bathroom renovation ideas in but never really looked at again. The exciting thing is though, it’s right there on your computer, iPad or phone!


How does it work?

Briefly, ‘Pins’ are little bookmarks, which you see as pictures and you ‘post’ them onto a ‘board’ you’ve made. Boards are where you put or organise your Pins. You decide what boards to create – for example, Recipes, Vintage Cars, Kids Clothing, Kitchen Updates, Gifts I’d Like – basically, you make yourself a board for anything you’ve started collecting Pins about.

You can also create shared or group boards for yourself and friends (this is where your ‘Gifts I’d Like’ Board comes into play. Seriously girls, if you create one of these and share it with your significant other, you are bound to receive the perfect gift EVERY time. And… you’ll still be surprised because you won’t know exactly what you’re getting! It’s awesome!) Another great idea is to share a board with a friend you’re collaborating with something on – say you and your bestie are organising a party together, just start a shared ‘Party’ board and you can pin ideas, colour schemes,favors, party inspiration, etc.

You can even create secret boards, which work very well for things you’re not wanting to share with the world! Things like product ideas, surprise party plans, personal medical information, etc.

So basically, rather than saving tonnes of articles, pictures and other stuff from websites that you like and want to reference or use at a later date, onto your computer, or printing out things or cutting up magazines, all you need to do now is ‘Pin it’!


Is it easy to use?

In a word, yep… and sadly, once you start ‘pinning’ you’ll wonder what you’ve done with your spare (and not-so-spare) time before Pinterest!

All you need to do is register yourself and off you go!

You can begin to create boards for each of your interests, topics, groups or however you’d like to organise your ‘stuff’. My advice would be to start off thinking about how you’ll organise things because once you’re rolling in boards and pins you’ll want to find things easily again. This is where it pays to take the time to think about how you will categorise your pins. For instance, if you decide to pin a pattern of a child’s crochet blanket, should you pin it to your ‘Crochet Board’, your ‘Kid’s Stuff Board’ or even your ‘DIY Gift Board’? Hmmm… the possibilities are endless and this is why you need to think of a logical and easy-to-access system of ‘filing’ your pins onto your boards. Only you will know what works for you, but if you take the time to look at a few people whose pins you like, you may find their style of pin organisation, ie.’ boards’, works for you too!


Stalking, ahem, following people!

Just like a lot of social networking sites, you are able to ‘Follow’ people who Pin things you’re interested in. This way you get their latest Pins, basically awesome stuff you love, right on your home feed and you Pin stuff onto your boards straight from there. You may decide to follow one, a few or all of someone else’s Boards, it’s up to you!  You’ll also find the love returned and as people start finding you, and loving your style, people will follow you or some of your boards!


Why should I join another social site?

I hear you – you’ve got too much stuff online that you have to look at, watch, listen to and catch up on every day. Yep. It’s super stressful and can honestly start driving you a little batty – I actually took myself off ‘the grid’ for about 3 months, but that’s another blog post for another time!

I think Pinterest is different. I joined Pinterest waaaay back in 2011 or so – they started in 2010 (my, when I researched the founding date, I was amazed they’ve been around for 4 whole years!!! It seems like I’ve always known and loved Pinterest!) – and it was love at first Pin!

I use Pinterest in a number of ways, but the first is for my business. I Pin heaps of vintage stuff – which is probably how you came upon my blog to begin with! Mid-century modern is my passion and have many boards that reflect this! It’s a great way for me to share my love with other people who have the same interest obsession!

I use Pinterest to pin a lot of event, craft ideas and invitation inspiration, as my other passion – and soon to be formalised in a real, grown-up business-type way – is sharing crafty goodness with other like-minded women and also kiddos. Kids these days are under so much pressure to perform at school, sports and socially that their natural creativity and play isn’t made a priority and I feel it’s leading to declines in the mental health of so many kids. LET THEM BE KIDS! Okay, I’m off my soapbox… ;}

The other reason I’m on Pinterest a lot is to relax! What! Being online is relaxing? With Pinterest it certainly can be!

Hear me out… Guys play video games, catch up on news, social media and other nerdy stuff online. They watch their crazy, guy movies and read weird sci-fi, fantasy novels… well the guys around this house do anyway! What do we do – besides housework and tending to everyone else’s needs? Well, I’m not sure about you, but I get crafty – seriously crafty – and I’m always knitting, crocheting, cross stitching or in front of the computer creating stuff. But, friends, there are times when I just don’t have it in me to move my arms any longer… This is where Pinterest comes in! I get snuggled in bed with my trusty iPad (thanks to Mr Jones who surprised me with a new one for Christmas – the old (mark 2, I think!) one was getting very heavy indeed!), open Pinterest and have a Pinathon. Pindiana Jones – yep, that is actually me! 😉 It’s honestly a very relaxing thing to do, just looking through your ‘feed’ and coming upon gorgeous little bits of goodness that others have shared!


I’d love to hear what you guys Pin, what kind of Boards you’ve got and I’d love to link to your boards and start following you all – it’s a great way to get to know people and to keep in touch!

Take a look at my boards and if you’re a vintage lover, you’re bound to get some inspiration here! Just click on my logo below.


Try it, I bet you’ll love it!

Love Mrs Jones x

Matchy, matchy…

Matchy, matchy…
Matchy, matchy mid-century modern goodness…

So, you can imagine my shock upon realising that I’ve been dressing my daughter the same as me without even realising it!

Breakfast at Chez Jones

As we were partaking in breakfast this morning I looked at our pajamas and realised that, apart from hers having an awesome deer pattern on them, they were pretty much the same colours and style!

Yup, the style I like is so narrow that I’m pretty much finding mini versions of what I’d like to wear and what seems comfortable and easy to wash and putting the stuff on her!

I’m certainly not a fashionista (yes, I can hear the laughter from my friends as I type) and tend to mix up what’s current with my retro style, making it into something I can live with, and so it seems I am now doing this to Babyness!

The Boy has always known exactly what he likes and what he doesn’t, I’ve made a point of teaching him to think for himself and not follow trends (clothing or otherwise), and we agree on his choices most of the time… Then again, he’s a boy who really doesn’t care much for clothing.

I’ve got no presumptions on how Babyness will feel about clothing and her ‘style’ as she grows. I have days when I feel I simply must look awesome and this is reflected in the amount of time I spend on hair, makeup and clothing, but sadly, the majority of days involve a very simple, but workable, look that is mine. Jeans, black t-shirt, Converse or cute flats, plus if I’m feeling motivated I’ll ‘put on my face’ and do my hair in something other than a ponytail or pigtails (yep… 41 may be getting a little old to rock that look?!).

As a mother should I be setting a ‘better’ example of style and grooming for my daughter? Some would think so… Others may agree with my thinking and feel that there’s heaps more to me that takes precedence over how I look. It’s not that I don’t care how I look, or spend my days wearing pjs or sweats, it’s just that as long as I am clean, fresh and simply attired (albeit always trying to rock a retro edge!) I just don’t care enough about that sort of thing to spend too much time on it.

What about you? Are you always gorgeously dressed (Elkee from KarmicVintage I’m thinking jealously of you!)? How do you/would you dress your kids? Comfort or style? Is it even important to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Here’s to a lovely, stylishly dressed day!

Love Mrs Jones x

Finally got my pix together…

Finally got my pix together…

My little bebe is now 7 months old! Seriously, I cannot fathom where seven whole months has gone… but, regardless of that fact, this morning I decided that enough was enough and I’d better take some proper photographs of the little dear! You see the boy lived a life of his mother constantly taking photographs of him – he knows how to pose, when to smile, not to move and basically how to run a studio, but little bebe has had none of this!

I’ve been so slack busy since she was born (and I no longer have a professional studio setup) that I’ve not gotten the motivation time to take some ‘keepers’, not just pix here and there for family interstate on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the ease and immediacy of Instagram and Typic (my fave little app) but there is nothing like the quality you get when utilising the pro equipment you spent thousands of dollars on (thank you, husband for your support and patience during those frugal days!!)!

Here’s a small sample of some of the work we did this morning… think I may offer some Saturday mini-shoots for kids soon…