Mrs Jones Lilac...
Mrs Jones Lilac…

Okay, so last week I FINALLY – and I say FINALLY because it’s been over a year (gasp!!!) – went to the hairdresser and got a cut!

I’ve been growing my hair since before I was pregnant and it’s been a LONG TIME coming! Edie is nearly 9 months old and I’ve just not had the time, nor the energy, to bother with my hair. So growing it was the solution and then I decided to go gray – which by the way I’m still doing – but I’ve decided to have a bit of fun and do EXACTLY what I want with my hair without worrying about bosses or what people think because frankly, this will probably the last few years I can be bothered to do it!

I’d gone a nice lilac colour as the pink faded and I did a little experiment, so now I have a lilac fringe and the rest is a greyish/ash blonde colour… But… I’ve been told a few times now, by my darling husband that he really prefers the pink, so to give him a thrill (mwahahaha!) I’m going back to pink for a while… now I just need to find an hour or so to do my roots and add the pink!

I’m using Fudge Paintbox Pink Moon, which sounds fairly exotic, but is a nice candy pink colour – well that’s what my aim will be. The final result shall be anybody’s guess!

Now I suppose some of you (who have a remote interest in this blog or my thoughts!) are interested in my depression/anxiety journey and where I’m at… Well, I’ve been steadily getting more positive and ‘in control’ over the past 2 weeks – still having extremely crappy moments and lots of stress with my ability to deal with more than one thing at a time, but I’m on the up and today is a sunny day. I’ve got an appointment with my doctor on Monday and we’ll chat about things and I’ll see where I’m at longer term and why I’m cracking apart more often. We both suspected that lack of sleep had a fair bit to do with it (Edie is NOT sleeping through) so Mr Jones has taken it upon himself to do a few additional overnights – which are during the week and as he works in the city each day, he is SUPER WONDERFUL and a fantastic man to support me this way.

Anyhow, I’ll keep you posted some more interesting stuff asap!

Have a lovely day and enjoy your sunshine wherever you can find it
Love Mrs Jones x