I’ve decided to start featuring local crafty or handmade businesses with a vintage vibe, products or vintage style that are locally run (or further afield in Australia) by awesome women!

I know that there is much hoo-hah (is that even how you spell it?) about small business being the backbone of the Australian economy (and I believe the US economy?) and how the majority of these businesses are run from home, by mothers and are of a creative focus.

I’ve been thinking lately of how to hone in on the focus of this blog and my business and how I can spread the love and goodness further afield to those who could do with a little cheer on, or promotion further afield and, in turn, increase their business. After having this run through my mind for weeks now, I decided that every fortnight (family permitting) I’d focus the love onto another small businesswoman who is making or selling things that are vintage,have vintage styling or vintage-values (good, old-fashioned cooking, focus on family and children, crafting perfection over mass production, etc.).

So, friends, I present to you ‘Mama Makers‘ a fortnightly feature on Australia’s most amazing makers, finders and curators of vintage-styled goodness… and who do it all while juggling a family!

Whew, that’s it! Stay tuned for the first installment…

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