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Although I’d been blogging under different guises – both business (ex-photographer [pin-up, pets & portraits at different times] & designer – see below) and personal – for about eight years it wasn’t until I was lying in bed in the Alfred Hospital (Melbourne, Australia) that I decided to get serious about this blog.

In the middle of 2014 I was admitted for the third time in about six weeks with my back having seized up to the point that I couldn’t sit up, let alone stand or even crawl. The only way to get back on my feet was a ‘000’ call (that’s a 911 call to my US followers) waiting for the paramedics who then gave me a magic stick to suck on and once unconscious I was popped onto the trolley and I’d wake up in the emergency department.

Blond hair, yeah, yeah!
Another admission – blonde this time

Although this was putting somewhat of a dampener on my social and family life, it was all I could do because I was told that there was nothing physically wrong with my back except for a bulging disc and nothing could be done until it got worse.

So on my last (and it will be!) hospital admission the doctor decided that I needed some serious intervention and I was put into hospital for about 3 weeks while they decided what to do with me. During this time my amazing husband had to take time off work and look after our 10 year-old and (at the time) 10 month-old.

Alfred Hospital – the pink hair cheered me up a little

I was forty-one and healthy except for my back ‘issue’ but I was stuck, without being able to walk, toilet or do anything by myself or for myself. Whilst lying in bed feeling sorry for myself it suddenly dawned on me that I had to get out of hospital, fix my back and never, ever return and to do this I realised that I needed to make some serious changes to my life.

You see, I’d spent forty years making other people happy and putting everyone before me. Before my wants and needs – that’s okay I’m a mama and it comes with the territory, but I’d been putting mostly everything else before my health for so long that my body decided to rebel big time!

So, I decided to rebel big time back!

First of all I took back the decisions that were being made about my health into my own hands – forever. I took myself off a number of really serious and heavy drugs I’d been put on and then the super-difficult one, I took back the decisions on how I ‘share’ my time outside of my family and work (which is my other love).

Then I decided that, although I adore my family and friends, and am a pretty nice person I really, honestly just didn’t care what people thought about me any longer. If I couldn’t please them, well, I couldn’t please them. If they didn’t like a decision that was a good, honest and healthy decision for me, then so be it.

And this is how Mrs Jones got her mojo back!

Mr Jones and I had made the decision mutually that I’d be home with the kids (I’m not super-good at multitasking outside work and family – people don’t get fed and we were always late and I was going mad) but I decided that I’d make time in my day and prioritize my blog, and my business – Mrs Jones & Me. My other business, With Love, Mrs Jones is an event management company that works in with Mrs Jones Vintage and Mrs Jones and Me, so it’s not really anything extra – more of a name to put to the events that I hold in conjunction with running the other two.

mr & mrs jones wedding
mr & mrs jones wedding

I adore my family and I’m really beginning to like me – like seriously be happy with the woman I am, the woman I try to be and the woman I want my children and husband to see.

I now put my health first before anything – and for me, unfortunately, this means that I have to make a lot of decisions to not tax myself bodily, so I work from home and we have at least half or more, of the week at home. But you know what, this has been great for my family! We don’t watch the TV really at all, we read a lot and chat – sometimes we’ll even cook or do home projects together. So putting me first has been great for us!

miss edie and the boy
miss edie and the boy

Although 2014 has been ‘sucky’ on a number of levels, I’ve had a rebirth and a phoenix-like rising from the ashes of the woman who I used to be and I’m really enjoying this process.

I hope you enjoy reading about how I’m slowing life down, and hoping you will too so you don’t end up where I was, and all of the vintage-goodness that I adore, as well as the Australian designers and makers that I just love to promote and work with.

Enjoy x

urban tails pet photography
urban tails pet photography
urban tails pet photography
urban tails pet photography
violet evangeline
miss kitty photography: violet evangeline product shoot
Miss Ashleigh Chain
miss kitty photography: ashleigh chain
miss kitty photography: greazefest
christina re shoot
miss kitty photography: christina re shoot
miss kitty photography: magazine shoot
miss kitty photography: burlesque girls
miss kitty photography: violet evangeline portfolio shoot
miss kitty photography: eMag cover shoot
miss kitty photography: pin up for a day carlie



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