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Mrs Jones Vintage is a lifestyle blog focusing on all things vintage (mid-century), vintage-styled or themed with the preference on products, places and retailers within Australia, specifically Melbourne. The other main focus of the blog is ‘slow’, ie. moving life, especially family life and kids, over to a slower pace.

If you are a brand, maker, crafter, designer or retail establishment who is interested in being featured on Mrs Jones Vintage please get in touch!

If you are interested in advertising on Mrs Jones Vintage, I will happily send you through our media kit which details the varied advertising and marketing options that are available to you.

I am happy to accept products and items for review (‘slow’ products – toys, kids products, home products and handmade), as well as ‘vintage’, ‘vintage-themed or vintage-style’ products or review stores, events and spaces.

I always ensure full disclosure on this blog for gifts, product/event/store, etc. reviews and the like and am always happy to offer your product in  a giveaway for my readers. I do, however, insist on trialing or reviewing it first to ensure that I’m being open and honest with readers!

Unfortunately for some, I am honest to a fault, so if your product doesn’t meet standard, I will let you know BEFORE review so that we can discuss the merits of a story or make changes, as required. Apart from being honest, I’m also kinda friendly and nice too! 😉

So please get in touch with me for all advertising and marketing enquiries. beck[@]


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