mrs jones & me



Mrs Jones and Me is my venture to help small and micro-business creatives and makers make more – more money, more time, more headspace – and we’ll be officially opening our doors (well, our web-doors, to one-and-all, January 2015) to more than the few select clients we’re currently mentoring come January 2015.

So, if you’re finding it impossible to keep up with the ‘business’ of being in business and have realised that making gorgeous ‘stuff’ isn’t enough to ensure you’re making enough money to continue your venture, it’s time we had a heart-to-heart.

Yes, it’s beyond awesome that you’re creative and you’re a maker. You’ll find no bigger champion for what you do than me… Seriously, I’ve been there. I’ve done it. And I’ve suffered through the realisation that just because I’m creatively talented that doesn’t mean that running a business will be successful.

My role is that of mentor and coach to your creative business. I’m here to help you make more. Make more time in your day, with practical, strategic and sometimes plain simple tasks that will give you more time to make your ‘stuff’!

Head on over to Mrs Jones & Me and take a look around. You’re sure to see just why we need to sit down over a cup of tea and have a chat about why you’re starting to – or perhaps you’re already at the end of the line and need to make some BIG decisions about your creative business – find that working creatively isn’t all you thought it would be.

I’m here to grab your hand, hold tight, calm you down and fix the big and the small so that you can soar!

Go on, click on the header above and go visit!


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