Let’s Talk About That Baby

Let’s Talk About That Baby

Let’s Talk About That Baby. A real article that confronts the topic of PND for what it is, honestly, so please give it a read.

My thanks to the blog author,┬áRobin Riedstra, who although I’ve only found recently, I’ve been super interested in her articles because of their honesty and interesting subjects, so keep up the awesome work, Robin!

Yes,  that woman needs help and if there was more pr in hospitals, at the Dr surgery or that we moved to a place in the future women just knew that there were places that would take care of them, or their baby, when things got too much, with no judgement, just real, honest long-term support and continual care.

Oh yes, I know it’s only a dream, but hey, I’m allowed to, aren’t I?

If you’re feeling sad, down or worried that you may harm or neglect your little one, please get in touch with beyondblue.org.au immediately as they will have staff on hand to support you through this time. Your other option is to get in touch with your GP, or PANDA.

Finally got my pix together…

Finally got my pix together…

My little bebe is now 7 months old! Seriously, I cannot fathom where seven whole months has gone… but, regardless of that fact, this morning I decided that enough was enough and I’d better take some proper photographs of the little dear! You see the boy lived a life of his mother constantly taking photographs of him – he knows how to pose, when to smile, not to move and basically how to run a studio, but little bebe has had none of this!

I’ve been so slack busy since she was born (and I no longer have a professional studio setup) that I’ve not gotten the motivation time to take some ‘keepers’, not just pix here and there for family interstate on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the ease and immediacy of Instagram and Typic (my fave little app) but there is nothing like the quality you get when utilising the pro equipment you spent thousands of dollars on (thank you, husband for your support and patience during those frugal days!!)!

Here’s a small sample of some of the work we did this morning… think I may offer some Saturday mini-shoots for kids soon…







Macaroon Kids: Christmas gifts taken care of…

Macaroon Kids: Christmas gifts taken care of…


Do yourself a favour this Christmas and get your kids gifts over at Macaroon Kids! They have a delightful online store as well as an Etsy store that showcases their limited edition ranges of baby and kids clothing, toys and gifts!

Founded by Amanda Tuckerman, from Geelong, Australia, the stores are both filled with gorgeous vintage-style as well as ‘slow’ and creative toys for kids and their clothing is made using upcycled fabrics. Products not made by Macaroon are all sourced from small businesses or have elements created with fair trade companies with every step of Macaroon Kids being created ethically with both person and environment in mind.

Honestly, could you ask for more this Christmas – or frankly, at any time? I just love their style and their range and have added a number of their products to my lists for little Edie this year – with my number one favourite being the Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks! They’re truly beautiful and although she’s still a little bit little for them, she’ll be playing with them in no time!

Where have I been?


Friends, it’s been a long, long time since I posted ANYTHING… True, but I think I’ve had a very, very good reason!

Two weeks ago I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl! Unfortunately, I had a complicated and rather awful pregnancy, which resulted in me being on medication for hyperemesis (severe, all-day morning sickness) so I could do my best to function on a somewhat normal level; along with a host of complications that made nearly anything but being in bed or snuggled on the couch impossible!

But, here I am again, thankfully feeling great again, and with a wonderful payoff, little Edie!

So, it’s back-to-regular posting for me, as well as some other surprises coming up as the year closes and moves into 2014!

It’s wonderful to be back and I can’t wait to share all of the goodies I’m finding to share with you, lovely bits and bobs I’m making and all manner of fun and exciting things to inspire!

Beck x

Girl or Boy?

Girl or Boy?

Cashmere scarve
$120 – black.co.uk

Stella Mccartney Luna Socks

Baby Girl


Vintage Baby

Vintage Baby

Murray Ottoman

OKA Baby Green Teal Duck
$39 – okadirect.com

LUCKY BOY SUNDAY Cabane Hut and Frame
$400 – littlefashiongallery.com

Baby Vintage Ribbon Dress Cream/Shell Pink
$160 – ilovegorgeous.co.uk

Baby Daisy Dress With Knickers White
$96 – ilovegorgeous.co.uk

Carroll Baby Top
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Silver-Plated Baby Girl Teaspoon
$21 – liberty.co.uk