1940’s Vest for a 2014 Man…

1940’s Vest for a 2014 Man…

Last week Mr Jones entered the house after a long, hard day at work (I may be dramatising that part!) and announces that he ‘needs’ a vest. He also wondered just how long it would take me to complete said vest…

Hmmm… After many discussions way back in Autumn about what he’d like me to knit him for winter, nothing was decided upon because, to be honest, Mr Jones is still a little snippy about the lack of socks that emerged when he requested them 5 years ago!

True, he never got his socks, but my excuses are good ones!

First time knitting socks. Tick!
First time using multiple double-pointed needles. Tick!
Starting the project as something to keep me occupied after surgery while in hospital and finding out I could only sleep and whine in pain. Tick!
Project taking too long for my liking in the end. Tick!

And that’s where it ended…

Anyhow, he stopped asking and I buried the UFO and promptly forgot about it! Over the years I’ve knitted many other bits and pieces for him, but the unfinished sock project still burns… Meh heh heh!

So back to the matter at hand; the vest!

Mr Jones wanted a vest fit for work, which to me meant that it had to be a small ply knit and a classic design. So off I went to the vintage pattern collection I’ve amassed to search for something suitable. I found a great pattern from the Retro Knits book; Men’s Vest 1940, which is classic and more importantly for me, one that will knit quickly despite the small needles used and “…uncomplicated, take-along knitting, with enough interest to prevent it from becoming another UFO”; right up my alley!

I’ll keep you posted with updates on my progress!

Love Mrs Jones x