Finally got my pix together…

Finally got my pix together…

My little bebe is now 7 months old! Seriously, I cannot fathom where seven whole months has gone… but, regardless of that fact, this morning I decided that enough was enough and I’d better take some proper photographs of the little dear! You see the boy lived a life of his mother constantly taking photographs of him – he knows how to pose, when to smile, not to move and basically how to run a studio, but little bebe has had none of this!

I’ve been so slack busy since she was born (and I no longer have a professional studio setup) that I’ve not gotten the motivation time to take some ‘keepers’, not just pix here and there for family interstate on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the ease and immediacy of Instagram and Typic (my fave little app) but there is nothing like the quality you get when utilising the pro equipment you spent thousands of dollars on (thank you, husband for your support and patience during those frugal days!!)!

Here’s a small sample of some of the work we did this morning… think I may offer some Saturday mini-shoots for kids soon…







On Being Thankful…

On Being Thankful…

I’m SO very much enjoying being a Mama second-time around! Not that I didn’t enjoy it with the boy in any way, I loved it! He honestly made me realise my own strength, ability to love and gave me insight and patience I never knew existed – not to mention showed me how it felt to have a piece of your heart walking around outside in the big ol’ world without protection! Scary, exhilarating and awesome…

Sadly, however, his early months coincided a very stressful marriage breakdown (aren’t they all) that involved alcohol abuse, threats and a great deal of fear and instability which resulted in a sudden lack of home for us. After having to move back in with my parents and start my ‘grown-up’ life all over again from scratch with not much more than our clothing and a car, meant I couldn’t relax and enjoy my sons early years. Money worries, concerns about his safety and our future meant that I could only concentrate on ensuring he was happy, safe and blossoming and I didn’t have time to actually ‘be’ in the moments of being a Mama for me.

This time, however, I have been gifted with the most blessed and happy marriage to a wonderful husband and father to both of my children, making this time around just wonderful. I am truly thankful for this truly amazing gift… a family of my own that is full of laughter, love and fun (don’t worry, we have crappy days too!). My own little family, my extended family, my wider church family and my friends truly make my days just awesome!

How about you? Are you able to enjoy the time you’ve got with your kids at the moment, or is there too much else on your plate? I’d love to hear where you’re at and how you find the headspace to enjoy your kids…

Love Mrs Jones x


Save our ABC…

Save our ABC…


This blog is not political. I don’t even really share my opinions on the stuff of everyday life. I concentrate on vintage goodness and crafty love so that I can share a little of this calm with the world. But there are times when I must interject and speak up and this is one of them. The main reason I’m doing this is because of my children, the children I care for and the kids of Australia who don’t have a voice of their own that politicians will hear.

Friends, whether or not you’re Australian, you would understand that FREE television (Australia’s ABC – no commercials) is the right of all people in a society as fortunate and wealthy as ours: television that doesn’t target children with the commercial interests of companies who want them to become consumers before they can walk and talk… television that doesn’t advertise food that will lead them into a life of early diabetes, being overweight and myriad health issues in their future… television that educates and inspires them…

Our current – and new – government has decided that they want to cut funding to our ABC… EVERY, single time the Liberal government is voted in, this is on their agenda. Every single time the people rise up and stop them. Well friends, it’s time – again – to get out and fight. And fight we will…

PLEASE go to here and sign this petition to start the fight against the Liberal party trying to commercialise  the ONLY television station that Australia has left with objective (yes, it is left-focused a lot of the time, but they do a pretty fair job of being unbiased), educational, non-commercial and kid-focused programming.

Thank you so much.

Vintage & Old School Christmas Gifts for Kids

Vintage & Old School Christmas Gifts for Kids

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