Armageddon comes to Melbourne…

Superhero Etsy Treasury List

Well, this weekend my boys (this includes the husband, Mr.Jones!) and I will be attending Armageddon, right here in Melbournetown.

Unfortunately the last time Armageddon touched down in Melbourne and brought the amazing Stan Lee with them, poor Mr.Jones missed out on an opportunity to meet one of his heros. But this time we’ve pre-booked tix, invited a friend for the kiddo. No Stan this time, but we’ll have fun just the same.

A comic book afficionado + 2 eight-year-old boys + a pop culture geek = a fun morning! Pictures to follow next week!

In honour of the superheros we admire, those we never see, and those who do the crappy jobs that nobody else thinks of – I’ve created an Etsy Treasury List featuring some of our favourite superheros.

I always wanted to beĀ  Batgirl and upon chatting to Mr.Jones about this last night I was informed that I’d make a better Glitter Girl. Meh heh heh heh

Glitter Girl signing off x