Printstagram’s newest stuff…

Printstagram’s newest stuff…


I’ve posted before of my love of Printstagram (no they don’t sponsor me or give me cash to post this stuff – I just love ’em!) and this post will be no less loving! Two great new products have just been released and I’m here to share them with you.



First are the new Printstagram Buttons! Yay! Here’s their blurb… “Now you can create fun and unique buttons from any of your Instagram photos. We professionally print your images then stamp them by hand on cute metal buttons that you can pin anywhere you want; tote bags, backpacks, dog collars, Berets, denim vests, the dream of the 90s is alive in buttons!”



Second up is the new PhotoBook, which looks just lovely! And again, rather than recreating the wheel, here’s the blurb… “Display your favorite Instagram photos in the Printstagram Photobook. Choose between two beautiful designed layouts. 38 pages of thick paper with a glossy finish, bound in hardback with a fully-customizable cover. You can even include the original captions if you like. #finally”

So there it is. Perfect prints, books, buttons and they also have a fair offering of other bespoke, beautifully made products. If you try out their Instagram printing, you’ll get a choice of four sizes and they’re printed on gorgeous, thick archival paper and come to you all satiny and special! Seriously, give them a go – I won’t get my Instagram prints done anywhere else now. Love ’em!

Love Mrs Jones x

Finally got my pix together…

Finally got my pix together…

My little bebe is now 7 months old! Seriously, I cannot fathom where seven whole months has gone… but, regardless of that fact, this morning I decided that enough was enough and I’d better take some proper photographs of the little dear! You see the boy lived a life of his mother constantly taking photographs of him – he knows how to pose, when to smile, not to move and basically how to run a studio, but little bebe has had none of this!

I’ve been so slack busy since she was born (and I no longer have a professional studio setup) that I’ve not gotten the motivation time to take some ‘keepers’, not just pix here and there for family interstate on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the ease and immediacy of Instagram and Typic (my fave little app) but there is nothing like the quality you get when utilising the pro equipment you spent thousands of dollars on (thank you, husband for your support and patience during those frugal days!!)!

Here’s a small sample of some of the work we did this morning… think I may offer some Saturday mini-shoots for kids soon…







Photostrips from Social Print Studio…

Photostrips from Social Print Studio…

Ooh my fave photo printers, Social Print Studio, have done it again with their new photo strips!

I ordered a heap of mini photos when Edith was born to send as thank you’s and they were a huge hit with everyone. But this new product is even more delish! Vintage, photostrip goodness indeed!

I think I shall order a batch to work with for her 1st birthday invitations! Go on, just try and stop me!

You can download their app, pick your fave Instagram pictures and you’re on your way – it’s seriously quick, easy and super simple – only problem is stopping at one (okay, three) sets because they’re just darling.