Going grey… And I’m not talking 50 shades…

Going grey… And I’m not talking 50 shades…

So… What does a 40-something, mid-century loving woman do when one day she wakes up and decides she simply cannot be bothered ever again to colour her hair?

Well if you still have lovely, natural hair there probably isn’t anything much to it. But what if you’ve been greyish since your mid-twenties and covered it because, well nobody wants to feel that old when you’re that young!

Now, I don’t dress like a matron and I’ve always felt grey hair would make make me feel like one… But friends, I gotta be honest, I’m lazy – well, I’m not really lazy on the whole, but I’ve never been a girl who spends hours perfecting her hair or makeup, it’s just never interested me.

So, what’s a girl to do? Going grey – especially at my age – is VERY counter-cultural, but that’s usually the way I roll, so that part isn’t worrying me. What’s bothering me is how I’ll perceive myself… Will I feel ugly? Old? Boring? Uninspired? Perhaps like I’ve given up on feeling attractive?

I can always go back and dye again, but going to your natural colour when you’re mainly grey isn’t a quick process, believe me… And I don’t want to cut my hair again – it’s taken me long enough to get back to shoulder length.

I’m pretty sure I can stick to it and have the discipline to do it, but can I be strong enough mentally to face the challenge of other peoples perceptions? Well, I’ll take you on this journey with me – photos included – and you can see for yourself!

I’ve checked out a few blogs of some pretty gorgeous, younger women like me who have or are doing this and frankly, they’ve really inspired me. Check out ‘How Bourgeois’ for a gorgeous gal who is much further along in her journey and inspired me heaps to bite the bullet.

Have a great day and keep smiling!

Mrs Jones x