Some Vintage Goodness I’m Sending Out…

Some Vintage Goodness I’m Sending Out…

Sponsor Packs this-is-war

Just thought you’d enjoy a little pop of vintage goodness. Over at ‘With Love, Mrs Jones’ my event management business I’m 5 months out from a biggish event that I’m running called ‘This Is War!’. I’ve gone and themed it all WWII and today I’m beginning to send out Sponsor Packs to the lucky businesses that we’re asking to support the weekend.

It’s just packed with vintage-goodness, right down to manilla folders and paper fasteners, old army logos and just the right fonts, as well as some vintage airmail stickers and other vintage inspired bits and bobs!

If you’ve got some vintage goodness talents – around the WWII era style – and you’d like to get on board for entertainment, just looking gorgeous and hanging around in uniform, volunteer to help out, or similar, pop an email in the ‘post’ and I’d love to have a chat!

It will be held in Melbourne, Box Hill to be exact, on the weekend of April 18 & 19 next year (2015), so if you think you can add some mid-century spice to the weekend I’d love to hear what you’ve got in mind!

Got to dash!
Love, Mrs Jones x

Regarding vacations…

Regarding vacations…


So, I realised that it’s actually been more than 12 years – seriously, OVER twelve years since I had an actual vacation. Yes, I shall admit that I’ve travelled but it’s been for work and frankly, as you’ll know, that pales after a while and you don’t get time to relax, which is EXACTLY what I need.

This year has been absolutely TERRIBLE for me on the health front and I’ve had to change a lot of things around in my life. But, you know what? It feels like I’m coming through the other side. Each week there is a setback and be it minor or major, I’m 100% done! Done, I tell you! People talk about how health is the most important thing to them, and I’ve always thought ‘yeah, yeah, I agree’, but it’s not until you’re stuck in hospital, or at home and unable to look after your family that you really take stock and decide to give yourself a kick up the bot-bot and do something concrete about it….

I shall hold myself accountable to you, my cyber-friends, you! I have started a 100-day journal for this blog so that I actually turn it back into a proper website that details all of the services that I shall officially have back on the market come, January 2015! Yay! I’ll be offering photography for all of you delightful ‘vintagey-indie-gorgeous type product’ selling people; personal ‘small-home-based business’ mentoring to the same type of clients – but with a twist! – and workshops for all of you guys who are running small (in fact, let’s call them what they actually are,  MICRO-businesses!) micro craft or creative businesses. A business where it’s just YOU, well, there is probably a partner, friend or love who is on hand to help out when things get busy, or perhaps they’re not so busy? Well, that’s where I come in!

We’ll have fortnightly mentoring sessions, just you and I, over a cuppa and discuss vintagey/crafty/creative things and how they are going to make your business some money. Yep, you read right, M.O.N.E.Y!

We’ll also work on putting business goals into action and getting you ‘out there’ and by out there, I mean out in the marketplace, where and when it works for you. Do you need to work around family? You know what, if you’re going to get serious then we need to take very clear stock of exactly what can be achieved, in what amount of time and at what sacrifice to your family. Yep, you can have just about anything, but you cannot – I repeat – CANNOT have everything! Anyhow, we’ll chat about that kind of thing too.

I’ll also take some time to go over your marketing, PR and advertising – and we’ll work out just why you’re not getting the type of business you need, or not getting enough.

Oh, and we’ll talk about strategic planning for your business – you know what are you going to do to prepare for Christmas? What if you’d like to take a holiday every now and then (yes, I expect that once we’re on track with your business, you’ll have the time and money to take one of those!), and what should you do if things start growing and you’d prefer to stay small…

Basically friends, when it comes down to it, running a small, creative business is darn hard work and while ‘makers gotta make’ there is other stuff that YOU SIMPLY MUST get done if you’re going to have clients to sell your gorgeous goodies to.

So, there it is – Mrs Jones Vintage, may have a tiny, wee, rebrand come December, but I’ll be bringing the above to the amazing micro business ladies (oh, and of course guys if there are any who need help, but mostly we’re talking mamas here!) of Melbourne in January 2015… And I cannot wait! I really look forward to getting to know some of you better and bringing the skills I have to more people, more often.

Anyhow… back to the fact that I haven’t had a vacation in forever… well, my gorgeous husband suggested that I take the kiddos up to the Gold Coast to visit his family so I can have a break (they cannot get enough of their grandchildren!!) and I have a feeling he’ll be getting one down here even though he’ll be working each day! A holiday apart isn’t ideal, but it’s all we can manage this year and I think we’ll both be refreshed, miss each other and revived both personally, family-wise and professionally.

Love, Mrs Jones x


Macaroon Kids: Christmas gifts taken care of…

Macaroon Kids: Christmas gifts taken care of…


Do yourself a favour this Christmas and get your kids gifts over at Macaroon Kids! They have a delightful online store as well as an Etsy store that showcases their limited edition ranges of baby and kids clothing, toys and gifts!

Founded by Amanda Tuckerman, from Geelong, Australia, the stores are both filled with gorgeous vintage-style as well as ‘slow’ and creative toys for kids and their clothing is made using upcycled fabrics. Products not made by Macaroon are all sourced from small businesses or have elements created with fair trade companies with every step of Macaroon Kids being created ethically with both person and environment in mind.

Honestly, could you ask for more this Christmas – or frankly, at any time? I just love their style and their range and have added a number of their products to my lists for little Edie this year – with my number one favourite being the Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks! They’re truly beautiful and although she’s still a little bit little for them, she’ll be playing with them in no time!

some of my previous photography…

I was feeling a little nostalgic for my past career this morning, so I thought I’d post some of my commercial fashion, rockabilly & pin-up photography from a few years back…

20101004_SECSR_0300web 20101004_SECSR_0272web



IMG_0687 IMG_0019_web IMG_0558 IMG_0488 IMG_0486


AshleighC_0024hon_web candicechrissy_310710_0041web Greazefest2010_0095hon



Greazefest2010_0055hon 20101004_SECSR_0492web FF140810_0140




MKPSEC_140810_0037 20101004_SECSR_0409web

Finders Keepers isn’t far off…

Finders Keepers isn’t far off…

Keep your calendar free for the The Finde’s Keepers Market in early October.

Click on the poster below for all of the details.


New Matte Stephens art…

New Matte Stephens art…


Matte Stephens has done it again with his gorgeous new artwork, ‘Princess Theatre Melbourne’. With a fabulous ’50’s vibe, this artwork gives a feeling of melancholy Melbourne on a winter’s day.

You can purchase a framed “mini retro” of this fabulous piece for AU$195 from Outre Gallery either online or at one of their stores in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth.


Excuse us for changing in front of you…

Yes, we’ve changed our name! No longer Vintage Stitch & Type… Now ‘Mrs Jones Vintage’!

We’ll still be bringing you the best vintage goodness from the interweb and the real world – with a special focus on Melbourne – and crafty goodness, the majority of it with a special vintage twist to inspire you!

Love Mrs Jones x

Getting Crafty…

Getting Crafty…

It’s miserable weather here in Melbourne and seems that it will be for the rest of the weekend. So… why don’t you get crafty and cheer up your place at the same time?

Head on over to Stampington and check out the tutorial for Faux Flowers by their guest artist, Matt Farci. They look great!

Faux Flowers
Faux Flowers

An Oldie, but a goodie

Image from christinadiaz

Head on over to Christina Diaz’s blog for some inspiration as we head into Summer. Spruce up your outdoor furniture!