Okay… so my workspace is a total mess! Seriously, I have to tiptoe between piles of wool, stacks of paper and baskets of stuff… Stuff, stuff, stuff everywhere and it’s making me feel so disorganized and out-of-sorts in every other area of my life.

There is a reason for this madness! I decided to ‘tidy’ or ‘consolidate’ or, well, I suppose you could say organize little crafting and workspace, but the problem is I seem to be working in circles and not achieving anything much!

This may have something to do with the fact that for the past 2 weeks, and for the following 4, my left arm is in a sling and out of action due to a tendon tear that hasn’t been healing. This also means I’ve got helpers in my home from 9 am to 5pm to pick up, play with and change my bubba and drive us where we need to go… (I adore and am incredibly blessed and thankful for these wonderful people, but being a bit of a lone-wolf it is actually causing me EXTREME stress and anxiety!!!)

I just can’t seem to get myself organized and I think it could be because the rest of my day is so disorganized because I’m not in my normal routine and cannot do the things I normally do around the house and to keep the house running smoothly!

What do you do to get back on track when you’re feeling overwhelmed?
How do you physically organize your craft/workspace at home?
Have you ever had a big craft supply clean out?

I’d love to hear what you do to get yourself organized because friends, I’m starting to sink over here!

Love Mrs Jones x

Very disappointing Sharpie, very disappointing…

Very disappointing Sharpie, very disappointing…

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So, a few days back I was in Officeworks (for you overseas readers, it’s a chain of stores that sell stationery, print photos and office products) when I saw their new pen displays… Now, I’m basically a stationery whore – seriously, I’d do just about anything for more of the stuff -it is a problem and I’m currently NOT seeking help for it 😉

The new pen display is a very, very large unit that has sections for pens and pencils and boy is it cool… So after checking it all out I came across the latest Sharpie markers – Sharpie Metallics! Ooh, be still my beating heart – it’s nearly Christmas and I have a lot of stuff to make for people and these were just down my alley, so to speak. I purchased the Sharpie Metallics, Gold, Bronze and Silver – along with some other stuff, but I don’t need to go into that, as my husband does read this blog!

Got them home, started using them today to address some tags for gifts and the Gold Sharpie leaked EVERYWHERE! And… I didn’t realise until it had dripped all over my December Daily folder that I’m starting to compile, a number of tags, as well as my desk and keyboard… Super unimpressed. I’ve sent an email to their customer service department and will see what the outcome is and keep you posted. But my advice to you guys is wait on purchasing the Sharpie brand of metallic permanent markers because you might find yourself in the same situation – and it will make you pretty grouchy to say the least!

I’ll keep you up-to-date on the fix. Currently, the Bronze pen seems to be okay, but I’m keeping a really close eye on it while I’m working just to ensure I don’t end up in the same mess! Ooh, and if anyone has any ideas how to get the ink off my desk (Ikea white ‘wood’) and hands that would be super awesome!

Have a great day,
Love Mrs.Jones x