Still going grey…

Still going grey…


So, yep, still doing the gray thing. It’s actually not as tough as I’d first thought and battled through with the first inch of ‘real’ hair. I’m now rocking about 2.5 inches of my natural hair, which is dark brown in dispersed with a rather large amount of gray – I’d say about 60% or so.

What I’m finding interesting is the reaction from people who I’ve talked to about it. My son, in particular, was so funny! He asked me why I hadn’t been dying my hair and why it was white near my temples, I explained the whole ‘real me’, ‘sick of dying’, ‘think I can rock it’ explanation I’ve been giving people and all he could do was giggle and run away in between looking very closely at it! He just thought it was so amazing that his own mothers real hair was white underneath. It really shook him on an amusing level for a good 15 minutes! Once he’d worked through it (yeah, he processes stuff quickly, like me!!) he got serious and said he actually really liked it and thought it was good that I wasn’t going to dye it any longer.

Some of the kids I teach at Sunday School were discussing how Abraham must have been about 40 because the picture of him we looked at showed his white hair. I had a good laugh with them and told them I was actually 42 in a few months and showed them the underneath of my fringe (fair amount of white like Mortica from the Addams Family!) and that Abraham was meant to be about 97 in the picture! Explained that people could get grey hair at different times, but yes, it was a good way to show that somebody was old. Some of the boys(10 and 11 year olds) were surprised and said their mums dyed their hair and why would I stop? One of the girls (10-year-old), who is a family friend, was absolutely gobsmacked that I’d do such a thing! She just kept staring and asking me how I had the guts to do it!

I’m finding it really interesting that some people have no second thoughts about it, but others are really shaken about it! Loving it – having always been somebody who has always dressed differently, had hundreds of different hairstyles and colours and isn’t exactly mainstream with my ink and vintage style, this is a really interesting experiment in psychology!

Keep you posted!

Love Mrs Jones x

Ooh, forgot to mention – I’m beginning my Winter Warmers (knitted infinity scarf) and Gorgeous Garlands (vintage-style bunting) workshops in about a month; so keep watching this space as I’ll be running them locally and a little further afield! Further details to come.