Very Pinteresting…

Very Pinteresting…

imageTaa daaaaa!

Darling peeps, I’ve got some exciting new to share…

Drum roll please…

I’m not sure how it happened because I wasn’t keeping that close an eye on numbers, but… low-and-behold I just got m’self over 16,000 followers on Pinterest and frankly I’m a little excited!

You see, I began on Pinterest a little while after it began a few years back and was, naturally, obsessed with it. With images out there like this, who wouldn’t be?

Space cat

50's prom dress

Too obsessed… and I had to have myself a little time out for a while… But with awesome vintage goodness like Gladys here, playing Bingo, I couldn’t help myself.

60's bingo

So, I came back, with a more moderated love and have totally enjoyed seeing how it’s changed and improved as it’s grown. And, I’ve found more and more vintage awesomeness…

1940's radio listening

I’ve curated. I’ve culled. I’ve rearranged my boards too many times to count. But, it was all worth it… Just so that I could reliably find any kind of classic or bizarre vintage image to share with you, my dear followers.

1950's bikini starfish girl

But let me tell you friends, curating content of this quality doesn’t just happen by itself… It’s been hard work and Many days, weeks and months of neglect of my family that have gone into my profile and boards. You don’t find quality like this…


Or this…

50's smoking family

Or even this…

Sad 60's kid and toys

without a lot of hard work and late, late nights trawling through boards and pins!

So, to everyone who follows one or more of my boards on Pinterest, I say a big warm thank you and look forward to bringing you more yummy, curated content through gorgeous images and lots of laughs with the amazing stuff that the Interwebs has out there!

Love Mrs Jones x


How Pinteresting…

How Pinteresting…


Just in case you’ve never heard of it before,I honesty feel it’s my duty to share Pinterest with you… Perhaps you have heard of Pinterest and you’ve just thought, “oh my goodness, not another bloody social media site! I ain’t got time for that (you’ll see that meme all over Pinterest, btw!)”.

My friend, I’m here to change your mind and explain the Pinterest phenomenon to you! On the other hand, if this is all new to you and you’re getting very confused and thinking, “what IS Pinterest?” and “why are people talking about Pinning stuff all the time, I feel so alone…” I shall take you on a short journey explaining all!

Relax. Take my hand and off we go…


What is it?

Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organising the things you love (this is straight from the Pinterest website!). Basically, Pinterest is like an electronic pin board, mood board or one of those inspiration books that you used to put all your magazine cuttings of kitchen and bathroom renovation ideas in but never really looked at again. The exciting thing is though, it’s right there on your computer, iPad or phone!


How does it work?

Briefly, ‘Pins’ are little bookmarks, which you see as pictures and you ‘post’ them onto a ‘board’ you’ve made. Boards are where you put or organise your Pins. You decide what boards to create – for example, Recipes, Vintage Cars, Kids Clothing, Kitchen Updates, Gifts I’d Like – basically, you make yourself a board for anything you’ve started collecting Pins about.

You can also create shared or group boards for yourself and friends (this is where your ‘Gifts I’d Like’ Board comes into play. Seriously girls, if you create one of these and share it with your significant other, you are bound to receive the perfect gift EVERY time. And… you’ll still be surprised because you won’t know exactly what you’re getting! It’s awesome!) Another great idea is to share a board with a friend you’re collaborating with something on – say you and your bestie are organising a party together, just start a shared ‘Party’ board and you can pin ideas, colour schemes,favors, party inspiration, etc.

You can even create secret boards, which work very well for things you’re not wanting to share with the world! Things like product ideas, surprise party plans, personal medical information, etc.

So basically, rather than saving tonnes of articles, pictures and other stuff from websites that you like and want to reference or use at a later date, onto your computer, or printing out things or cutting up magazines, all you need to do now is ‘Pin it’!


Is it easy to use?

In a word, yep… and sadly, once you start ‘pinning’ you’ll wonder what you’ve done with your spare (and not-so-spare) time before Pinterest!

All you need to do is register yourself and off you go!

You can begin to create boards for each of your interests, topics, groups or however you’d like to organise your ‘stuff’. My advice would be to start off thinking about how you’ll organise things because once you’re rolling in boards and pins you’ll want to find things easily again. This is where it pays to take the time to think about how you will categorise your pins. For instance, if you decide to pin a pattern of a child’s crochet blanket, should you pin it to your ‘Crochet Board’, your ‘Kid’s Stuff Board’ or even your ‘DIY Gift Board’? Hmmm… the possibilities are endless and this is why you need to think of a logical and easy-to-access system of ‘filing’ your pins onto your boards. Only you will know what works for you, but if you take the time to look at a few people whose pins you like, you may find their style of pin organisation, ie.’ boards’, works for you too!


Stalking, ahem, following people!

Just like a lot of social networking sites, you are able to ‘Follow’ people who Pin things you’re interested in. This way you get their latest Pins, basically awesome stuff you love, right on your home feed and you Pin stuff onto your boards straight from there. You may decide to follow one, a few or all of someone else’s Boards, it’s up to you!  You’ll also find the love returned and as people start finding you, and loving your style, people will follow you or some of your boards!


Why should I join another social site?

I hear you – you’ve got too much stuff online that you have to look at, watch, listen to and catch up on every day. Yep. It’s super stressful and can honestly start driving you a little batty – I actually took myself off ‘the grid’ for about 3 months, but that’s another blog post for another time!

I think Pinterest is different. I joined Pinterest waaaay back in 2011 or so – they started in 2010 (my, when I researched the founding date, I was amazed they’ve been around for 4 whole years!!! It seems like I’ve always known and loved Pinterest!) – and it was love at first Pin!

I use Pinterest in a number of ways, but the first is for my business. I Pin heaps of vintage stuff – which is probably how you came upon my blog to begin with! Mid-century modern is my passion and have many boards that reflect this! It’s a great way for me to share my love with other people who have the same interest obsession!

I use Pinterest to pin a lot of event, craft ideas and invitation inspiration, as my other passion – and soon to be formalised in a real, grown-up business-type way – is sharing crafty goodness with other like-minded women and also kiddos. Kids these days are under so much pressure to perform at school, sports and socially that their natural creativity and play isn’t made a priority and I feel it’s leading to declines in the mental health of so many kids. LET THEM BE KIDS! Okay, I’m off my soapbox… ;}

The other reason I’m on Pinterest a lot is to relax! What! Being online is relaxing? With Pinterest it certainly can be!

Hear me out… Guys play video games, catch up on news, social media and other nerdy stuff online. They watch their crazy, guy movies and read weird sci-fi, fantasy novels… well the guys around this house do anyway! What do we do – besides housework and tending to everyone else’s needs? Well, I’m not sure about you, but I get crafty – seriously crafty – and I’m always knitting, crocheting, cross stitching or in front of the computer creating stuff. But, friends, there are times when I just don’t have it in me to move my arms any longer… This is where Pinterest comes in! I get snuggled in bed with my trusty iPad (thanks to Mr Jones who surprised me with a new one for Christmas – the old (mark 2, I think!) one was getting very heavy indeed!), open Pinterest and have a Pinathon. Pindiana Jones – yep, that is actually me! 😉 It’s honestly a very relaxing thing to do, just looking through your ‘feed’ and coming upon gorgeous little bits of goodness that others have shared!


I’d love to hear what you guys Pin, what kind of Boards you’ve got and I’d love to link to your boards and start following you all – it’s a great way to get to know people and to keep in touch!

Take a look at my boards and if you’re a vintage lover, you’re bound to get some inspiration here! Just click on my logo below.


Try it, I bet you’ll love it!

Love Mrs Jones x