DIY Wall-Mounted Tape Holder

Supplies: 1.2m wooden dowel (16mm)
Gloss Enamel Spraypaint
Cup Hooks (2.9mm)

Spraypaint your dowel with Gloss Enamel; I’ve chosen a sweet Lemon Yellow from the Taubmans White Knight range. I’ve been using a fair bit of spraypaint for my upcoming Christmas gift tutorials and found this brand works super well.

While your dowel is drying, get onto the cup hooks. I drilled holes before screwing them in to make the job a little easier! Make sure you measure the distance between the hooks, so that your dowel will sit nicely in between the hooks. It’s also a good idea to ensure they’re even on the wall so that your dowel doesn’t fall out!

Now that your dowel is dry, rest it between the cuphooks on your wall and load it on up!

The finished product!

Enjoy x