Cosy Winter Chairs

Cosy Winter Chairs

Normann Copenhagen chrome chair
3 150 AUD –

Jonathan adler furniture
3 140 AUD –

Set of 2 accent chair
1 355 AUD –

Grandin Road tufted accent chair
955 AUD –

Mid century modern chair
1 095 AUD –

Joybird Furniture brown chair
1 095 AUD –

Rove Concepts spinning chair
1 090 AUD –

Pier 1 Imports blue accent chair
685 AUD –

Aqua furniture

MoMo yellow furniture
445 AUD –

Blue furniture
235 AUD –


Due to ill health I am unable to blog for the near future.

Mrs Jones Vintage is on hiatus until further notice.

If you’re actually interested in seeing anything in future, leave a comment, otherwise it stops here…

Thank you to my loyal readers – if there are any of you. Thank you for those who have commented in the past and given me feedback – it’s been super important and made such a difference to why I do this.

Love Mrs Jones x


Adairs Furniture Sale Now On!

Ooh, it’s delicious and there is so much mid-century style in there that I simply must have 80% of this book!


The Mercy Bed Frame is fine with me in any colour.

The Home Republic Soho Console, Fitzroy Side Table, Soho Bedside, Tripod Table (along with the gorgeous flamingo and pineapple!), Balmain Side Table plus their set of three Scandi Tables are all mid-century goodness.

Then you move onto their seating…

Home Republic Soho Occasional Chair (nothing occasional about it for me thank you very much!) is nothing to sneeze at either.

So, if you’re a mid-century fan, and to be honest you’ll need some cash, as you won’t find anything under about $500, Adairs is where you’ll find gorgeous mid-century style furniture for every room!

Now if you’re looking for a beach towel, I don’t think you can go past these vintage looking little numbers.

The Mercer & Reid Citron Garden


Anything from the Home Republic European Collection, my fave is the European Mint Aztec at just under $42.00.

The Mercer & Reid San Sebastián Collection is fun too, with the cute San Sebastián Pinks being my personal fave in the lot.


Moving onto my fave home accessory, the cushion, Mercer & Reid have it covered again with some very retro pieces in their Tropical collection. I cannot go past a flamingo, so the piece I’ll show you is the Tropical Cushion Filippe Flamingo, again just under $42.00.


If you want to go totally vintage and get your home ready for winter Adairs has a huge selection of mohair throws, which look great on the arm of a couch or a few piled neatly onto a chair, ready for those cold nights where it’s just the time to snuggle with your honey!

I have a few favourites in this lot as you’ll see!







and, Waterfall, all for $139.95


So my friends, that should give you a good start! I’d love you to post some pix of what you bought. Post ’em here, over on the Instagram account ,,let’s use hashtag #vintageadairs or on our Facebook page again with #vintageadairs so I can see what you bought!

Have fun darlings,
Love Mrs Jones x

Make the move with me!

Make the move with me!

Mrs jones vintage



I’ve special news to tell you! I’m moving!


So if you still follow me here you won’t see any more posts 😦

Not so much Hoorah…

I’d really hate to loose touch with you, because we’ve become such great friends and with 2015 fast approaching I’ve got some great ideas and you’ll also see just what changes I’ve already made

Go on over to: and sign up for my newsletter (that’s new!) also you can sign up to recieve notifications of new posts – that’s what you already get.

I do hope you’ll make the move with me!

With love,

Mrs Jones x




Let’s Talk About That Baby

Let’s Talk About That Baby

Let’s Talk About That Baby. A real article that confronts the topic of PND for what it is, honestly, so please give it a read.

My thanks to the blog author, Robin Riedstra, who although I’ve only found recently, I’ve been super interested in her articles because of their honesty and interesting subjects, so keep up the awesome work, Robin!

Yes,  that woman needs help and if there was more pr in hospitals, at the Dr surgery or that we moved to a place in the future women just knew that there were places that would take care of them, or their baby, when things got too much, with no judgement, just real, honest long-term support and continual care.

Oh yes, I know it’s only a dream, but hey, I’m allowed to, aren’t I?

If you’re feeling sad, down or worried that you may harm or neglect your little one, please get in touch with immediately as they will have staff on hand to support you through this time. Your other option is to get in touch with your GP, or PANDA.

Wanna give your creative business a HUGE boost?

Wanna give your creative business a HUGE boost?


You’ve got to subscribe to ‘tickle the imagination’ TODAY so you don’t miss out on this one!

For under $50 you get your crafty BFF the gift that keeps on giving all year – and it’s a great excuse to catch up!

Get together each issue and get crafty and creative together. You can pre-organise yourselves, pop down to Spotlight to grab your supplies and then have an afternoon of crafty goodness. Or you could get the plans for the next kiddo’s birthday party done and dusted – and impress all of the other Mum’s! Ahhh…

campfire recipes
S’mores recipes and fun things you can do with the kids to enjoy yourselves a little campfire party…
pom pom pillows
Jazz up the loungeroom with some cute pom pom pillows!
strawberry layer cake
Strawberry layer cake recipe and inspo! Just gorgeous!



Ooh, wait, the best part is, if you’re a crafty yourself and you’ve been looking for that little boost you need to make your dreams come alive then you need to get onto this TODAY!


You see, you’ve got to be a ‘tickle’ subscriber to enter and that, my friends, is why I’m seriously hurrying you along – Forming Circles are offering three grants of $1000 PLUS an additional $1000 of advertising (seriously, guys, this is what I do for a living and that’s a great start!) to get your dream soaring.

I don’t want you to miss out because, frankly, I love chatting to you all and adore that you bother following me and reading this! And also, I’m really super keen for the winner to tell me all about their dream and why they took the plunge and entered – there’s an interview in that – just lemme know or I’ll chase you up! 🙂

But, you’ve only got until midnight on 23rd November because that is when the applications close.

So kids, get off your butts, dig deep and remember your dreams and why you keep thinking about that while you should be finishing the books for your boss!

Good luck possums!
Mrs Jones x

Proud mama…

Proud mama…


So very proud of my styling project that my boy helped me with…

I was organising my Christmas Decorations shoot and this is what he helped with!

Not bad for a 10-year-old!

Do you know about ‘The Grommet’…

Do you know about ‘The Grommet’…

Have you checked out The Grommet?

The Grommet is an awesome online store that launches undiscovered products and helps them succeed – Grommets. Grommets aren’t just things. Grommets are products with a purpose invented by people with stories.



A Grommet is an innovative, unique product that is created by a Maker with a story to tell. Often a Grommet is new to market or has not yet been broadly discovered. Grommets are ready to find a wider audience and their product launch platform gives them the amplification and attention they deserve.


Special attention is paid to underrepresented entrepreneurs: People under age 25, people over age 65, and women of all ages. These entrepreneurs tend to have a harder time raising capital and striking partnerships because their profile does not match the typical stereotypes of a successful company. The founders and creators of Grommets also tend to be building businesses that align with one or more of these values:



Preserving a handcraft
Solving a problem in a fresh way
Creating jobs in a struggling or developing region
Building a social enterprise
Fostering green and eco-friendly practices
Manufacturing in the USA
Inventing a new technology


So, although Grommets don’t tend to be Australian, they don’t seem to have a specific policy against us Aussies trying to make a Grommet so get yourself making, makers! And anyway they are a U.S company so more luck to them!

But the reason I’m telling you about all of this is because you’re sure to find something totally original to pop in the stocking of somebody special this year.

So get to it and start shopping!



just thought I’d share my ‘meh’ day today. quick and simple.

as my regular readers know I’ve had back problems that caused me to be hospitalized and I’m now on the long road to rehab.

now I have a ‘hooray’ moment – I’ve been accepted into the pain clinic officially. and seriously, honestly and truly I am so thankful for this and so very committed to learning, changing and getting control of my pain.


here comes my selfish ‘meh’ moment. after two separate appointments at an hour each, plus another three earlier this week, I’m kinda fresh out of ‘yee ha’ and now into ‘meh’ mode.

I’ve got to commit two afternoons and six hours a week to this. my ‘meh’ isn’t because I’m being selfish about my time, it’s more about the fact that I’ve now got to find somebody to look after Miss E for six hours a week (that’s a fair bit to put on a 15-mth old, as well as the carer/s) and I’ve got to find somebody to pick up The Boy after school. I’ve also got to fit this around my life and it’s not just the hours it’s also the brain hours and body hours that I’ll be suffering with…


I’m just tired thinking about it already.

but, my friends, as you know my back is super-bad and my pain (as you may not know) is pretty much constant to the point where I’m currently on a fair bit of rather serious medication and I have a hydrotherapy and a Pilates session already each week.


argghhhhh… this is usually where the anxiety kicks in and I have a mild breakdown. I’ve already pretty much withdrawn from all social and not-really social but necessary for community-life currently because I just cannot do that along with constant pain.


Plus looking after husband and children, plus putting my health first, plus keeping food on the table the house reasonably clean (that actually does make me crazy!), plus organising my husbands 40th birthday, having his relatives come to stay from interstate, add to that this blog (which keeps me sane because I adore it), and what I consider my ‘real work’, Mrs Jones & Me, which really does keep me sane and gives me contact with other women who are trying to do it all and run a creative business at the same time.


I’m kinda unsure how I’m going to honestly continue to share ‘slowing down life’ tips with you while things are at this pace because I’m hardly doing that, am I?

But you know what… I’m gonna take few deep breaths, have a line of Cadbury Top Deck (my fave!) and find a way to fit everything in without having a total breakdown. I think…



I feel better after venting.

Apologies about that…

Love to you all and stay tuned to see how I fit it all in…


Love Mrs Jones x

Freebie Alert! Subscribe to tickle the imagination…

Freebie Alert! Subscribe to tickle the imagination…



Hello Darlings!

I just wanted to let you know that Issue 17 of ‘tickle the imagination’ is now out in your local newsagent! And if you can’t find a copy, please let me know and I’ll get right onto making sure they start stocking it or stocking more!

If you’ve read my previous post on ‘tickle’ you’ll know that I’m an Official Ambassador for the magazine because I’ve been in love with it for some years now and after meeting Tanya asked for something to be done about this! 😉

If you’ve not read ‘tickle the imagination’ and you’re a crafty, vintage-loving or creative lass you’ll just adore it! It’s full of all things handmade and creative in Australia through the ‘tickle’ online community and magazine.


Now apart from subscribing and getting a chance to win some ‘tickle’ goodies, I’m also running a competition too. So just to ensure you get a fair and, well kinda awesome extra few opportunities, at winning yourself some ‘tickle’ goodness click on the link below as well as subscribing and you’ll get even more chances at winning!

tickle the imagination free giveaway


‘tickle the imagination’ is full of inspiration and ideas to spark creativity – by showcasing talented artists, crafters and designers, discovering emerging talent and sharing real-life stories and DIY projects.

But I just wanted to remind you that if you take out a subscription – ooh, AWESOME idea for your Bestie, your sister-in-law or any other creative girl you know – you’ll also get a gorgeous necklace – you can see it in the picture at the top of the page.

Now, I’m not telling you to be naughty here and keep it yourself (but you could!), or just wrap it up and give it to your giftee who will be so darn excited and frankly, I think they’ll be hard pressed to not adore you forever!


tickle the imagination magazine is available nationally in newsagents and independent stores (click here to see ourstockists) but I find that it sells out rather quickly, so it’s heaps easier to subscribe here online (and remember if you subscribe this month you’ll be in the running to win a gorgeous birdynumnum dreamer – there’s another Christmas gift just for you!

So my friends, be inspired by gorgeous images, take a peek into the lives of Australian designers & makers and discover ways to include creativity & handmade into your everyday living.

Do something nice for yourself this Christmas and buy yourself a subscription – then each quarter you’ll have the gift of creativity delivered straight to your door!

Love, Mrs Jones x